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Is the All in one computer good?

2022-01-18 17:35:11 kabbe 0

Is the All in one computer good?

As a new market product between desktop computer and notebook computer, all-in-one computer has attracted extensive attention. So what is an all-in-one computer? Is an all-in-one computer good?

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The all-in-one computer is a new form of computer that integrates the host part and the display part. The innovation of this product lies in the high integration of internal components. With the development of wireless technology, the keyboard, mouse and display of all-in-one computer can realize wireless link, and the machine has only one power cord. This solves the problem of many and miscellaneous desktop cables that have been criticized. In the current and future market, with the gradual reduction of the share of desktop computers, it will be more precarious after encountering the impact of all-in-one computers, notebooks and netbooks. The advantages of all-in-one machine are constantly accepted by people (popular abroad) and become another highlight of their choice. So how about an all-in-one computer? All in one computers consume less power than traditional computers.

Advantages of all-in-one computer:

  1. Appearance: in terms of appearance, the all-in-one machine abandons the bulky body of the traditional computer, and occupies an advantage in appearance with a fairly light and concise design, without messy thread ends and disordered accessories. The utility model has the advantages of beautiful appearance and convenient placement. An ordinary small table at home can be placed freely.

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2. Power consumption: in terms of power consumption, it has lower power consumption due to the heat dissipation system of LED LCD and heat pipe and the structural design of notebook. It's about one-third of the power consumption of a normal desktop computer. Taking the peak power consumption of all-in-one computer as an example, the result is only 60W, as shown in the figure

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3. Performance: many people may wonder whether the performance of the all-in-one computer can not compare with that of the ordinary desktop computer while greatly reducing the volume and accessories of the machine? The all-in-one computer adopts the same components as the desktop computer. The desktop computer has the same performance as the all-in-one computer, which can be expanded and upgraded. Coupled with a good heat dissipation system, it has excellent performance and the same split computer.

4. Price: in terms of price, it is also very cost-effective.

5. Portability: the all-in-one computer also has good portability. Due to its high degree of integration, after integrating the host, speaker, camera, microphone, etc. into the display, only external keyboard and mouse, power supply and network cable are needed. If the wireless series is adopted, only one power cable is needed. Because the LCD all-in-one machine integrates the host, display and speaker, its volume and total weight are smaller than ordinary desktop computers, only more than ten kilograms, which greatly facilitates users to move the machine. Its internal integration is very high, and the connection of various accessories is directly led out by PCB, which saves a lot of data cables in the past. In addition, the compact body also saves the previous large packaging and transportation costs.

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Future development of all-in-one computer

We can see that the all-in-one desktop computer is actually between the desktop computer and the notebook computer. When the all-in-one computer was first born, it did survive in the two sieges of desktop computer and notebook computer. However, with more and more attention to all-in-one computer, the market share of all-in-one computer has gradually expanded from 2% in the past to 10% now.

Summary of all-in-one computer:

On the summary of the problem of whether an all-in-one computer is good or not, if you are a game enthusiast and game maniac, you are not recommended to buy an all-in-one computer. After all, there is still a big gap between the performance and the desktop at the same price; If you are beautiful, convenient, space-saving and have a good after-sales service, you can consider an all-in-one computer.