• Is the All in one computer good?

    Is the All in one computer good?As a new market product between desktop computer and notebook computer, all-in-one computer has attracted extensive attention. So what is an all-in-one computer? Is an

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  • Foten -- creating good computer products for office environment

    Foten originated from Rongxin technology founded in 2001 and has been committed to the deep cultivation and expansion of computer hardware. It is a high-tech company focusing on the integration of res

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  • How about the mini host? What are the disadvantages?

    Generally speaking, the biggest advantage of mini host is its size and cost performance. It is suitable for some specific occasions between notebook and conventional desktop.The biggest advantage of m

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  • China Telecom Tianyi cloud enters the 4.0 Era

    On November 12, Tianyi cloud released and interpreted the newly upgraded Tianyi cloud 4.0 distributed cloud at the Tianyi cloud forum of 2021 International Digital Technology Exhibition and Tianyi intelligent ecological Expo. At the same time, it also launched a new brand image of Tianyi cloud with red as the main color.

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