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FanTai originates from Rongxin technology founded in 2001. Its subsidiaries include Guangzhou rongzhixin Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou FanTai Information Technology Co., Ltd. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service. The company is committed to the technological innovation of Internet plus intelligent terminal products, and now has more than ten patents for its own technology. Foten FanTai focuses on the field of enterprise office integrated intelligent computer. Its products include all-in-one computer, cloud computer terminal, cloud computer all-in-one machine, cloud notebook computer and cloud computer terminal software system.

Rongzhixin combines the company's cutting-edge cloud computing and cloud service technology, as well as the industry-leading software and hardware development strength to present users with the ultimate experience of intelligent and efficient service life, and truly realize the essence of making technology return to serving people. The innovation and R & D of products are gradually extending, and the artificial intelligence of self-service terminals will face greater opportunities and challenges. We have always adhered to the all-round innovation system of management innovation, technological innovation and business model innovation; Use more efficient, rigorous and scientific production and operation mode to control product quality and improve product quality; Make full use of Internet thinking, improve the service system, and strive to make the company become an industry leader.

Core values: integrity, trustworthiness, cooperation and win-win

Less empty talk, more practical work, quality first, customer satisfaction, loyalty, friendliness, diligence and enterprising

Corporate vision: to be an exquisite and respected technology service company

1. Constantly listen to and meet user needs, guide and exceed customer needs, and win customer respect

2. By improving the brand image, employees have a high sense of corporate honor and win the respect of employees

3. Promote the healthy development of the industry, grow together with partners and win the respect of the industry

4. Pay attention to corporate responsibility, serve wholeheartedly, care for the society, give back to the society and win social respect

Management philosophy: people oriented

1. Care about the growth of employees and provide employees with a good working environment and incentive mechanism

2. Improve the employee training system and career development channel to make employees grow synchronously with the enterprise;

3. Fully respect and trust employees, constantly guide and encourage them to obtain the joy of achievement;